Herd Management Software for Cattle

An operation that has a lot of individual pieces like a cattle herd calls for good record keeping. In this past this was done on paper, but having electronic records has a lot of advantages. A lot of modern business is done electronically, so having the records easily available for email exchange is just one of these advantages.

Keeping cattle herds means making sure they are properly vaccinated, treating appropriately for problems such as flies and ticks without treating too often, noting any vet treatments needed and more. All of this is easier to do with an electronic software program. Each animal can have its own page where everything relevant is noted and information about the larger herd in general is also easily integrated.

Portable computers make it completely possible for ranchers to take their software to the cattle. During vaccination or pesticide treatments, one person can input the relevant numbers assigned to the cattle so that the treatment is noted in their files and no animal is missed. For certain treatments such as the castration of bull calves, a program can even be used to make a quick list of all the bull calves in the herd of appropriate age, saving the rancher from having to go through his or her entire stock.

Electronic records help alleviate the problem of finding information, as well. A quick search can pull up a file on the latest activity, the basic demographics of the herd, and other information that would have required a fair amount of effort when using paper records. It is harder to lose something on a computer than in a filing cabinet, as well.

Computerization is the modern way, and there are a lot of advantages in this even for people in traditionally low-tech fields such as cattle ranching. More than anything, computers aid in organization, which is very important in all kinds of business. A successful business usually relies on great record keeping and spotless organization.